Valentines Day 2022 is somewhat different from previous entries relating to the ‘day of love‘. Over the last few years, many special events have unfortunately been overshadowed by the stress of living through a pandemic – buying geeky valentines gifts, for example, has not really been a priority. Thankfully, 2022 has seen many of us slowly starting to adapt to this new world, with an added focus on just how important it is to celebrate the little things whilst remembering to take a minute to be happy.

For many, Valentines Day has always been somewhat of a daunting event. Often filled with unspoken pressure to show the special person in your life how well you know them whilst also expressing your deepest feelings for them. However, in a time where most have not felt up to just going and walking around the shops for fun and browsing, the anxiety of buying gifts is at an all time high. Hence why Vamers is coming to the rescue.

While no list will ever replace personal input and knowledge of who the gift is for, our list of geeky valentines gifts is a pretty great starting point. Whether you are looking for something geeky, book-related, for the house, or even just something to wear; this list has a little bit of everything.

As a side note: everything on this list has been sourced locally [South Africa] and, as of the time of publication, all items are “in stock” at the relevant stores.


Over the past couple of years, many of us have found ourselves spending a lot more time at home than anticipated. While there are undoubtedly perks to this way of life – not sitting in traffic and living in slippers and a robe, for example – it has shone a light on the importance of turning your house into a home.

There is just something so utterly futuristic about waking up to an already boiled kettle and being able to control your lights with your voice, which is why it is the perfect place to start looking for gift ideas make anyone’s inner geek smile.

Mi Smart Kettle – R899

Echo Dot 4th Gen Smart Speaker – R1995

Apple Homepod Mini Smart Speaker – R2895

Philips Hue Play Smart Lights – R3599

Philips Hue White and Colour LED Starter Kit – R4600


If your special somebody is a gamer, it might seem like you have hit the jackpot when it comes to easy and readily available gift ideas; but think again. The trouble with gamers is that, for the most part, they are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to making sure they are up to date with the latest and greatest. Sure, there might be something in particular they have their eye on, but unless you know what that is, it can be a bottomless ocean to dive into while attempting to catch the perfect fish.

While purchasing a voucher for the gaming store of their choice might seem like the perfect gift, sometimes you want to gift them something physical, and that is where these three items come in as geeky valentines gifts. While they are not your traditional “gaming gifts”, they are all gaming related and just obscure enough for the gamer in your life to ‘hopefully’ not already own them.

PlayStation Metal Water Bottle – R229

PlayStation Icons Light – R499

Ghostbuster Gaming Locker – R1499.95


Bookworms are probably the worst people to try and buy gifts for, especially if you live in South Africa. This is not because their interest is limited, but because of how hard it has become to get good quality physical books or graphic novels in the country. While it is easy to just run into your local book store and grab something off the shelf, if the reader in your life prefers their books with pictures, you might have a more challenging time ahead of you. In terms of geeky valentines gifts, here are some gorgeous hardcovers through to bookends expressing geekiness, which are sure to be cherished by book lovers everywhere.

Saga Deluxe Edition Hardcover – R899.95

Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of I Hate Fairyland – R1799

Joker and Harley Quinn Bookend – R4637


Collectors are notoriously hard to buy gifts for (never mind in terms of geeky valentines gifts). Partially because of the highly personal nature behind collecting (no, not all statues and figures are the same) and also because of how expensive it can be. Not to mention how overwhelming it can be trying to walk into a geeky store and buy something if you do not feel comfortable there. However, as is the case with most interests, there are a few staples that are sure to reach into the chests of any collectors and pull at their heartstrings, letting them know how much you care while also protecting your bank account at the same time.

Star Wars Valentines Funko Pops – R299

Funko Pop! Albums – R450

Harry Potter Minico Figure – R599

Deadpool Deluxe Iron Studios Art Scale 1/10 Statue – R5490


While “geek” is a highly diverse term used to describe highly diverse people and interests, one thing is constant with those who fall under the geek umbrella: we all want to showcase and share the things we are passionate about and love.

Geeky valentines gifts have a way of becoming expensive, but they do not have to be, and the gifts in this category prove it. From socks that allow you to feel geeky even in the most formal of pants, to your very own Pokemon terrarium – the sky is truly the limit when it comes to gifts that are both geeky and affordable.

Geeky Necklaces – R100

Socks – R125

Handmade Pokemon Light up Terrarium – R300

Geeky Gift Box Sets – R799

Magical Mug Set – R1599

While Valentines Day is all about love, it does not mean you have to have someone in your life in order to celebrate it. If you find yourself with full access to both sides of the bed and all of the blankets, then use Valentines Day as an excuse to spoil yourself and make yourself happy – you deserve all the geeky valentines gifts available!

If you do have someone in your life who works on your last nerve constantly, then hopefully reading through this list will give enough ideas to make your Geeky Valentines Day 2022 a stress-free experience, from beginning to end.

As far back as she can remember, Arielle has loved comics, tabletop games and staying indoors. Although she might be terrible at history, she can tell you exactly how Wanda Maximoff and Sabrina Spellman are linked. Ultimately, she works to fund her Stephen King addiction and can pretty much always be found somewhere online.