Thanks to COVID19, more and more companies are slowly getting used to taking their product launches online. Acer had their own spin on things as their Next@Acer 2020 event kicked off with a spate of announcements and interactive segments. Every annual Global Press Conference usually comes with the amazing addition of showcasing what is next for the computer giant. The 2020 event was no different, as it showcased both the immediate and near-future product launches fans can expect.

The Next@Acer 2020 aired with a spate of announcements for professionals, students, and casual computer users alike. What is quite different this time around, however, is the strange new focus Acer seems to have thrown toward their gaming lineups. Acer hosted a cool interactive segment where viewers could vote for what they should show next. While gaming did not come out on top at first, the company eventually unveiled a bevvy of gaming-oriented hardware. While much of the hardware shown are natural upgrades to their 2019 range, the company clearly wanted viewers to know that gaming and accessibility are two very important focuses as everyone moves into the digital age. This means you can expect a whole lot of innovation and even more brute force from their gaming products, while professional products become more sturdy and timeless. Naturally, the very concept of raw, powerful, and innovative hardware got me all giddy. As such, I decided to collate the best announcements from the Acer Global Press Conference Next@Acer 2020 event into one handy article. Be sure to check out Acer’s official website for all of the latest releases.

Acer Enduro

It seems like Acer is releasing new and innovative product solutions every year. Hot on the heels of the very successful ConceptD range comes a product lineup built to be the polar opposite of delicate: the Acer Enduro range! Acer unveiled the N3, and N7 Enduro Notebooks, as well as the T1 and T3 Enduro Tablets at the Next@Acer 2020 keynote.

These extremely rugged laptops and tablets are built to perform the utmost best in the worst scenarios imaginable for computers. They are made from military-grade materials, are IP-65 water and dust proof, and feature impact resistance unlike any other computer currently out there! This is honestly one of the coolest announcements I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, and would love if it we could get one in the office to put through its paces. Looking at you, Acer South Africa. <.<

A rig unlike any other

Oh boy now this is a doozy and a proper highlight of the Next@Acer 2020 event! While the company is no stranger to exceptional gaming towers, this is the first time a prebuilt rig from a gaming company piqued my interest. The new Acer Orion 9000 is the company’s new flagship enthusiast rig, with a dual Nvidia RTX 2080Ti SUPER setup; a 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor, and three of the most beautiful RGB fans that the company calls FrostBlades.

From previous Predator rigs like the one that used to transform at the touch of a button, to sleek and beautiful laptops, there is no denying how much Acer is trying to show off their geek cred. The refreshed Orion 9000 proves how serious they are at winning the hearts and minds of gamers, and you know what, they may just succeed!

A chair that gives massages

One thing I can wholeheartedly promise is that I did not expect to see a gaming chair of any kind be unveiled during the Next@Acer 2020 event, but here we are! The brand-new Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM is built to last forever with a rugged steel and plastic frame, while players are treated to a massage while they game!

The whole point of this chair is to maximise long-term comfort. This is especially important in scenarios where esports players have to sit around all day and wait for entire matches to end before they can stand up form their desks. I also suspect that it will be amazing for artists and other professional creators who tend to go entire days without standing up, as they crunch to meet deadlines or push themselves to endure long drawing sessions. All I know is that I want one. Like, yesterday.

Unsurpassed refresh rates

Okay so hear me out. Resolutions are great and all, but what if I told you that frame rates are even cooler? You will most certainly believe me when you hear about what this pretty monitor has to offer: pure, unadulterated frames that synch at 360 frames per second!

Naturally, this is not the only screen revealed at the Next@Acer 2020 event, but it is, for all intents and purposes, the most impressive. There are also some sleek-looking new Nvidia G-SYNC monitors available if you tend to bleed green while gaming, but the raw power of the Predator X25 is as cool as they come.

To Swiftly go where no notebook has gone before

Okay so, while this is admittedly the plainest point of the bunch on this list, it is one that I think deserves some much needed recognition. After all, the Acer‘s Swift product range is not only a nice intermediate lineup of laptops, but it packs a punch without actually forcing you to dig too deep into your pockets like many “gaming” or “professional” laptops do. The refresh on their Swift laptops include the new 10th generation Intel chipsets, powerful integrated Nvidia graphics cards, and a whole lot of battery power to keep you going on long commutes!

The reason the Swift lineup is so near and dear to my heart is simply because I used to have an Acer Swift, which got me through my first few writing jobs and eventually found its place as a quick backup machine to check the internet with whenever we have no power. The new Swift laptops may not be as “future proof” as the Orion 9000, or even as durable as the Acer Enduro, but my gosh, will I be damned if they are not the perfect bang-for-buck laptops!

There you have it, these are the most pertinent new releases from the Next@Acer 2020 event. We are certain to see even more products come to light as the rest of the 2020 Acer Global Press Conference carries on, however these are undoubtedly the coolest announcements! Of the lot, I will say that the best is undoubtedly the Acer Enduro product range. I have seen companies like Caterpillar release sturdy cases and hardbodies for laptops and tablets before, but I have never seen the entire package come from a company like Acer. It is undoubtedly the one announcement I most want to see in the office – maybe even have Hans throw a bit of mud at it for funsies!

The full event is embedded below for those who want to watch, whereas more information on the announced products can be found on Acer’s official website.

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