It seems like Borderlands 3 will have quite the roster of celebrity cameos! Right off the heels of the great news that Elon Musk’s creations might end up in the game, it now seems that Gearbox has a thicker wallet than we thought. The developers and Ice-T have been teasing that the musician might have a role in the game.

As far as rumours go, Borderlands 3 kind of takes the cake. The new game has been in various rumour-mills since Borderlands 2 released in 2012. However, it was only when Gearbox themselves started to tease the game that many industry pundits began to take notice. Before long, the actual reveal trailer dropped. 

It was so great, in fact, that fan-favourite Chicago PD actor and award-winning rapper, Ice-T, took to Twitter. Ice-T stated that there is a rumour flying around that he might be in the game. Whether there is any truth to his claims is anyone’s guess. Since there was no rumour oh him being in the game up until this point, after all!

Gearbox picked up on his tweet really quickly, however. The development studio retweeted Ice-T’s tweet, and even went as far as to tweet him back! While this could be nothing more than banter between two high-profile accounts, it certainly does seem suspicious. In other words, if this is not a confirmation that Ice-T is in the game, I do not know what is.

For those who did not know, it turns out that Ice-T is quite the gamer. He usually tweets “Gamer Stuff” tweets at random. Recently, for instance, Ice-T tweeted out in celebration that he finally hit the level cap in Destiny 2. Since Destiny 2 is a looter/shooter title just like Borderlands, it may come as no surprise that this actor might actually lend his voice and/or likeness to the game after all.

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