OMEN by HP is evolving by the year to include brand-new and innovative technologies. This year, for instance, OMEN is releasing the OMEN Mindframe, the company’s very first enthusiast headset. Now, the company has announced the the HP Command Centre is evolving as well: OMEN Game Stream is coming to Android devices!

In early 2018, HP introduced OMEN Game Stream to its Command Centre. Thanks to the smart minds at Parsec Gaming, OMEN Game Stream allows gamers to stream any game from the company’s powerful pre-built rigs, to just about any Windows 10 device on the market. The goal fo the two companies is to change how people think about gaming computers. Instead of having a hard-boiled, almost inseparable dependency on hardware, OMEN Game Stream would allow gamers to access their games from any device, anywhere.

With that goal in mind, Parsec approached the problem from the ground up, “building the technology for capturing, encoding, streaming, decoding, and rendering specifically for low latency, high frame rate, HD gaming”. This means that, whether you have a beast of a rig in the man cave, or whether it is a friend’s PC that was built on a budget, OMEN Game Stream will allow you to access “a gaming PC” from practically anywhere.

Since its debut, OMEN Game Stream has only been available on Windows 10 OMEN models. It features an intuitive interface that lets players get to their games quickly with the “peace of ind [sic] that your content is secure”. Players can access the OMEN Game Stream panel from the Command Centre launchpad, where they are met with the home screen, secure authentication settings, and pre-game diagnostics.

Since being announced, the service has evolved in such a way that it now allows players to leverage the power of OMEN on their personal televisions. Now, however, it is going beyond even that with the announced that OMEN Game Stream is coming to Android devices.

The company states that Android functionality is due to arrive this year (2018) and that it adds a whole new range of devices for gamers interested in the OMEN experience. They also state that the OMEN Command Centre comes preinstalled on all OMEN computers, and allows for a wide range of features. Players can use it’s Network Booster and System Vitals tools to help speed up networks dedicated to gaming, or even tinker with the long list of customisation and performance options. OMEN Game Stream is but one part of a very larger puzzle, and it must be the prettiest part of them all.

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