HP recently announced a slew of improvements coming to their enthusiast gaming laptop lineup. Omen by HP has been making waves in recent years for its renewed dedication to hardcore gaming, streaming, and esports. In 2019, the company will be continuing on the trend they started with a host of upgrades for their Omen 15 and Omen 17 laptops, as well as introducing a brand-new style of laptop with the Omen X 2S.

Omen by HP’s new lineup consists entirely of laptops you would only expect to see in an enthusiast gamer’s room, and HP knows this. As such, they are spearheading the Omen by HP laptops in 2019 with a brand-new laptop that comes with two screens right out of the box! Meet the Omen X 2S, a laptop with a built-in secondary screen that can be used for messaging, controlling music, streaming, videos, and even browsing the web.

The Omen X 2S also boasts a 15-inch 1080p screen that can be upgraded to 4K, or 240Hz depending on what your focus is. It also features Intel’s latest processors and Max-Q versions of Nvidia’s latest RTX graphics cards. It also looks pretty sleek, even with the secondary screen taking up a lot of space on the base.

Naturally, not all of us are fans of HP’s new dual-screen layout. For people like us, HP has upgraded last year’s Omen 15 and Omen 17 laptops to include state-of-the-art specs as well. The company says that both laptops are up to 20% slimmer than their previous versions too.

Both Omen laptops can be configured to include Intel 9th Gen i9 CPUs, Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs, up to 32 GB RAM, and the same ultra-high speed refresh rates found in the Omen X 2S. While the Omen X 2S features a new liquid metal cooling technique, the Omen 15 and 17 feature Omen Tempest cooling systems. These use an overhauled solution that uses a 12-volt fan to utilise a three-sided venting solution which branches into a five-way airflow.

Local specifications, availability and pricing have not yet been made available. However, gamers in America can pick up all three of these laptops starting in June 2019, at a starting price of $1050 USD.

If you are not an enthusiast gamer, HP has you covered as well. The HP Pavilion Gaming 15 and 17 laptops are perfect for gamers who would rather spend the additional $300+ USD on gaming chairs or, you know, bills.

Both the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 and 17 laptops come with the latest Intel 9th Generation Core i5 and i7 processors; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Ti Max-Q graphics cards, and up to 32 GB of RAM. The HP Pavilion laptops do not feature vastly different specs than their predecessors, but there is no denying that they will still pump out frames at above-average rates. In short, they are still quite strong where gaming laptops are concerned.

HP states that gamers can pick up the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 and 17 laptops starting at $750 USD. Local availability, pricing, and specs have not yet been revealed.

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