Vamers - SUATMM - Protect Your iPad with 'The Neverending Story' - iPad Cover

As a child I was intensely fascinated by The NeverEnding Story and had quite the crush on The Childlike Empress. Thus seeing The NeverEnding Story tablet cover from Hollyshop has brought back so many gloriously nostalgic memories and feelings.

The NeverEnding Story tablet cover is simply beautiful. Covered in faux leather with an inner suede lining, the cover is an almost exact replica of the book from the movies and even includes the enigmatic Auryn medallion. Considering how modern tablets can hold thousands of books, it now makes it possible to actually own The NeverEnding Story (albeit in tablet form).

Vamers - SUATMM - Protect Your iPad with 'The Neverending Story' - iPad Covering

The covers are handmade and can, therefore, be customised for any tablet, so no one needs to be left out of owning and enjoying this sublime piece of The NeverEnding Story.

Covers range in price depending on the size of your tablet, but start at around R700 (£40/$60).

I, for one, might just splurge for one of these. Would you?

Vamers - SUATMM - Protect Your iPad with 'The Neverending Story' - Enjoying the NeverEnding Story

[Source: Hollyshop]

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