To play or not to play Knockout City; that is the question? From what we understand, the game appears to be a fun and frantic new competitive dodgeball video game – developed by Velan Studios. It is also one of the games spearheading Electronic Arts’ brand-new EA Originals umbrella, and seems to promise a whole lot of family-friendly competition (win a copy of the game right here). From having some of the lowest minimum requirements to play on PC, to being available on pretty much every mainstream console imaginable, it is hard to miss; and for good reason.

Although our critiqued verdict is still out on whether the game is one of the best, all-time greatest, and most-incredible video games out there; we will concede on how it most certainly seems like something not to be missed. As such, and thanks to a cool partnership we have going on with Electronic Arts, we have compiled a quick and dirty list about why we think this game should be played – as if throwing dodgeballs at enemy heads is not reason enough to play Knockout City!

It Looks Insane 

Knockout City may seem like it has pulled a few pages out of Fortnite’s book, but it most certainly works. The game not only looks great in motion, but it works well to cement the wackiness of competitive dodgeball married with science-fiction. Everything from player outfits, ball types, and power-ups; works very well with the colourful arenas and fancy particle effects. If the sporty aspect does not entice you to play Knockout City, perhaps the way it looks will do the trick!

Be Who You Want To Be

The game looks unique and rather different. Thankfully, this translates directly through to the character creator. Players can create and customise characters to look exactly how they want! Knockout City features an extensive character creator as well as seemingly countless skins and outfits for their characters. From Unique backpacks, jackets, hats, and even hairstyles, it seems to have it all. 

Blood-pumping Drop-in-drop-out Action

When gamers play Knockout City, they will quickly learn how fast the game reaches ‘blood pumping’ levels of adrenaline and fun (or rage, if that is your thing). Matches are fast and crazy, while the need to play more and more will slowly become an undying thirst. The good news is how dropping in and out of the action is pretty simple and quite quick. This makes the game ideal for anyone who wants to catch a quick session of Knockout City; either after a long day’s work or in-between zoom calls. 

A Whole Lot of Players

When Electronic Arts first announced this competitive dodgeball game, many players were quick to dismiss it. However, those who did play realised how this diamond in the rough was actually rather polished, and a fair amount of fun too. With over 5 million players, games are easy to find and quick to enter. The number of people who play Knockout City is a pretty great indicator of whether or not the game is worth it (spoiler: it is).

Play With Whomever You Want

As if the sheer number of players was not enough of a reason to try it out, Knockout City also features seamless cross-platform play! Whether on Windows PCPlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X & S, or even Nintendo Switch; gamers can enjoy crewing up and matching with their future frienemies – no matter where they choose not play. It just works, and is something other online games should take note of! 

It Won’t Cost You An Arm or a Leg

An interesting tidbit for gamers who want to play Knockout City is how the game is essentially ‘free’ for anyone who subscribes to EA Play/EA Play Premium or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In this sense, the game will be ready and waiting in those respective libraries. Sure, it can be bought at a crazy low price of just $20 USD (~R400 ZAR) or won via our competition; but players who are subscribed can jump into the action at no additional cost. In the event gamers might tire of Knockout City (although we all know they will not), both subscription services come with copious amounts of other games to enjoy. It is a win-win situation! 

New Content Drops and Promised Support

Putting Anthem aside (Hans is still really sore about that), it appears as if EA has pledged to continue supporting those who play Knockout City for quite some time. The company has already announced a brand-new season of content to start in July 2021. This season will add a brand-new ball type, a cool new map, and a whole lot of events for players to lose themselves in. Just as I am writing this little factoid, Knockout City Patch 1.4 has gone live, bringing a host of bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. If that does not make you want to play Knockout City, I do not know what will! 

From its zany aesthetic and extensive character creation, through to a huge player base, cross-play, and the promise of future support; there seems to be a whole lot of reasons to give Knockout City a go. The game may have only just released, but it is already taking the world by storm. This makes us want to pick it up and play even more (which we are doing, so stay tuned for our unbiased review)!

To play Knockout City, gamers can acquire it from OriginSteam, or the Epic Game Store on Windows PC; and via the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, or Nintendo eShop on the respective consoles. Season 1 is well underway and anyone who jumps in right now can reap the benefits of new quality of life updates and new content. 

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