If there is one thing Epic Games does well, it is including all the iconic badasses that they can in their games. First it was Thanos, who entered the realm and wreaked havoc on unsuspecting players. Now master assassin, hitman, and total badass, John Wick, has entered the fray. Wick’s Bounty is now live in-game.

It may come as a surprise for some, but this John Wick and Fortnite crossover really is incredibly fitting. Regardless of whether you are a fan, there is no denying that John Wick survived three of his own battle royales throughout the three movies he features in. Now, he has one more to survive in Wick’s Bounty.

The fancy new crossover event is not just any old game mode either. In this event, players will have to do a few things that fall in line with the movies. Wick’s Bounty is a limited time mode (LTM) event where players have three lives to try and collect gold coins from the bodies of other players. The first squad to gather the correct amount of gold coins will win, but not without encountering a bit of trouble first. The more coins you carry, the more you and your squad have to lose; since players who take you down will get all of the coins you have collected, including your own. The map will also constantly highlight the top three players with the most coins.

Winners and players who take part in Wick’s Bounty will have the chance to win three special items: the Gold Token back bling, the One Shot glider, and the Boogeyman wrap. If you have a bit of real world money to throw away, Epic has you covered there as well. Players who visit the shop will notice that they can pick up the John Wick character skin, along with the Assassin Pack back bling, and Simple Sledge harvesting tool. These cost 2 000 V-Bucks together, but players can also pick up just the sledge hammer for 500 V-Bucks.

Wick’s Bounty will only be available for a very limited time: it will end on 21 May 2019. So play it while you can.

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