Today is a very good day for South Africans. Especially those who are super tired of learning more about Wix, Squarespace, Headspace, or any other service being advertised by their favourite YouTube creators. That is right folks, YouTube Premium South Africa is now available! Get ready to live your best advert-free life!

The YouTube Premium experience has been around since 2014. Back then, it was known as Music Key and specialised in advertisement free playback of music and music videos. In 2015, it morphed into YouTube Red and offered ad-free access to all of YouTube. Then in 2018, Google modified the service once more by splitting it into two separate subscription services: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium South Africa

YouTube Premium South Africa now available.

The YouTube Premium South Africa experience is almost exactly like the international counterpart. It offers all videos on YouTube without advertisements and all videos can be saved for offline playback. It also includes access to YouTube Originals: a selection of unique programming made exclusively for YouTube.

YouTube Premium South Africa starts off at R72 per month, for a single user, with a free three month trial. There is also a family plan for R110 per month, which allows up to six people to enjoy the premium benefit. It also includes a one month free trial. This is the service that I signed up for, as it is the most cost effective option in my opinion (works out to roughly R18 per person per month).

YouTube Premium South Africa now available.

YouTube Music South Africa

If you use YouTube for mostly music content, then you will be happy to know that YouTube Music has its own set of pricing. Much like Spotify, the service has three options. There is the standard ad-supported free version, a R60 per month ad-free version for single users, and a R90 per month ad-free version for families (up to six people).

Better still, if you are a Google Play Music subscriber, then you will receive YouTube Music free of charge. A very nifty and welcome perk.

YouTube Premium South Africa now available.
Ad-free YouTube Premium experience.

Now that YouTube Premium South Africa is available, will you be signing up for the service?

I signed up this morning, and the experience was painless. If you already use the Google Play Store, then you can use your already loaded credit card information to subscribe. If you do not, the process allows you to add a card to Google Pay before subscribing. Nice, easy and a no brainer for those who despite advertisements.

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