Kissing is a beautiful act, especially when the intention is to convey a feeling of love, caring and adoration. However, have you ever wondered if kissing is good for you? Michael Stevens of Vsauce fame asks and answers this very question.

In what has to be one of the most interesting videos I have had the pleasure of watching on YouTube, Vsauce creator Michael Stevens captures the attention of viewers through an intricately woven scientific tale about the benefits and reasons as to why human beings kiss. His detailed exploration reveals that kissing burns 2-3 calories a minute, releases endorphins and was initially the primary means by which early Homo sapiens would feed their offspring. In short, kissing is good for you.

The video is absolutely worth watching and is embedded below for your convenience.

Created by Michael Stevens, the Vsauce set of channels on YouTube is known for producing videos relating to various scientific topics, as well as gaming, technology and other topics of general interest and is well worth subscribing to. Think of Stevens as the new Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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