Much like Call of Duty, it seems like Battlefield V has snuck up upon us. In the new Battlefield V maps trailer, Electronic Arts and DICE provide fans with an in-depth look at the game’s eight multiplayer launch maps.

The maps, which include prominent theatres of conflict in World War II, have all been made from the ground up for the pseudo-realistic world of Battlefield V. They include Hamada (North Africa), Aerodrome (North Africa), Twisted Steel (France), Arras (France), Rotterdam (Holland), Devastation (Holland), Narvik (Norway), and Fjell 652 (Norway). The trailer also includes a look at Panzerstorm, which is a free post-launch map. As for what the maps entail, EA made sure to let us know, and we have a full break down below.

Battlefield V Maps


One of two Battlefield V maps set in North Africa. It is inspired by a strategic point between Libya and Egypt, and historically set the scene of pivotal battles between the Axis and Allies during 1941 and 1942. Hamada features all kinds of vehicular combat, both in-air, and on-land.


The Aerodrome is the second North Africa map. It is loosely based on the British attacks on German installations, supply lines, and airfields in the Libyan desert between 1942 and 1943. Just as the name implies, Aerodrome is a central hangar that features a key strategic point that can be fortified and defended. It will be home to a “nest of infantry clashes” that will also feature tanks.

Twisted Steel

This map, which is set in France, does not portray a specific historical event. Rather, the map is heavily inspired by the events at the fortified sector of the river Escaut in 1940. It features dense village areas, a forest and fallen bridge, and open fields.


Arras, which is also a map set in France, depicts the Fall of France that eventually led to a British retreat from continental Europe. This map is particularly inspired by the battle that took place in May 1940, where the allied side launched a fateful counterattack against the German forces. The map features canola fields and lots of opportunities for Snipers to perch up and own the battlefield.


Inspired by an unfamiliar conflict of World War 2, Rotterdam depicts a battle that took place in 1940 when the German forces pushed through Holland. The map features a sprawling urban environment decorated by canals, tall building, and a marketplace. It also has a railway and features many chokepoints for ranged weaponry to do serious harm.


Inspired by the second part of the Rotterdam Blitz, Devastation shows a “thriving city in peril”. The map features roads that are warped into an aimless blend of claustrophobic avenues. Obstacles and defensive positions are plentiful, and the dire aesthetic of death leaves players with a feeling of unease throughout.


Narvik is a map inspired by the Norwegian Campaign that took place in the spring and summer of 1940. It is a solid map with a little something for everyone. The map is a standard skirmish map that allows for all types of play.

Fjell 652

The second map inspired by the Norwegian campaign follows the fight as the Axis forces retreat into the cold peaks of the mountains that surround the city of Narvik. This map is heavily focused on infantry skirmishes, but also features aircraft battles.

Which of these Battlefield V maps tickets your fancy the most? Let us know below.

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