I have never played a farming simulator game before. In terms of simulators, I have only really delved into Microsoft’s long running Flight Simulator. With that said, I was enticed to play one when I took a seat in Logitech’s full featured farming simulator peripheral – yes, an actual seat with controls for farming machinery. With that said, I may change my stance on the subject now that a portion of all sales from Pure Farming Simulator 2018 will go toward supporting the Drought Relief Fund.

Without question, farmers are some of the most important workers in any society. Without them, we would not have the fresh fruits and vegetables that we so easily take for granted when we visit a grocery store. In fact, a lot of products would cease to exist without their efforts. So when the famers struggle, we do too – even if only by proxy.

Recently, parts of South Africa have been struggling with severe drought. Cape Town, as many people know, is on the verge of running completely dry of drinking water. This has obviously had a direct impact on farmers and the production of fresh produce. Ster-Kinekor has taken notice and has implemented an opportunity for gamers to try and help.

“With SA in the grip of a terrible drought (the worst since the 1980’s) economists have predicted a severe impact on the farming community as well as food security in the country, and so it is important that all South Africans rally to the aid of the farmers. Ster-Kinekor Entertainment has a strong set of values that we strive to live by every day, and at the top of that list is to do the right thing, always. With the assistance from Techland Publishing, the publisher behind this game, we have been given the opportunity to give back to our farmers that do so much for this country and our people”

~ Ronelle Hendricks, Ster-kinekor INDEPENDENT Product manager.

As such, Ster-Kinekor has pledged to donate R10 to the Drought Relief Fund for each copy of Pure Farming 2018 sold. The company hopes to reach a donation target of R35 000 with the help of South African gamers.

In terms of the game, Pure Farming Simulator 2018 has the following game modes:

  • Designed to introduce players to farming simulation, My First Farm teaches the ins and outs of modern agriculture. Thanks to detailed objectives and helpful tips, players will learn step by step how to use farming machines, harvest crops, produce green energy, and more.
  • Farming Challenges consist of 20 one-hour long scenarios that let players face extreme situations farmers around the world have to cope with. Using predefined resources, players will need to save your crops from fire, sustain the farm despite a severe drought, endure a locust attack, and more.
  • Last but definitely not least, the Free Farming mode gives players a complete freedom in how they play. Players can set the parameters of the game and simply run the farm their own way. With all machines and facilities available for purchase from the get-go, the goal is to build a global farming empire – with absolutely no hand-holding. Just as in real life, in Free Farming the player’s success depends on their efficiency and decision-making skills.

Before now, I honestly had no interest in purchasing Pure Farming Simulator 2018. However, given this new promotion, I might just give it a go. Then again, I could simply donate the entire amount I would spend on the game to the Drought Relief Fund instead.

Pure Farming Simulator 2018 releases on 13 March 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It has a suggested retail price of R699.

[Source: YouTube]

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