With Far Cry 5 nearing release, Ubisoft wants to make sure that players and eager fans know a bit more about the cult that they will either shoot up or perhaps even join. To do so, the company has released a bunch of Far Cry 5 cult vignette videos.

Each trailer showcases a single prominent member in the Project at Eden’s Gate cult. Each character has their own role to play and style of going about things.

First up, we have Faith seed, who acts as Father Seed’s voice; Jacob Seed, the cult recruiter and strongman; John Seed, the “reaper of Eden’s Gate”; and even Father Joseph Seed himself, the leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate.

Faith Seed

Faith is a master manipulator. She acts as the divine instrument of chaos, that keeps the congregation in a state of bliss. In the trailer, she tells the player a story about a woman who wanted to die, until she met the father.

Jacob Seed

Jacob’s mantra, “Preparedness through pain”, is clear as day in this trailer. As the cult’s recruiter, Jacob uses the skills he learned during his time in the army, to protect the Project at Eden’s Gate… by any means necessary. The trailer is bloody, and straight to the point.

John Seed

John’s doctrine is a weird one: “the power of yes”. He is the “reaper” for the cult, which means he oversees each and every torture and pivotal kill there is. He uses intimidation and violence to secure resources vital to the cult’s survival; and anyone who gets his way faces a merciless death.

Joseph Seed

Father Joseph Seed is the leader of Project at Eden’s Gate. He became the leader “after hearing a voice whisper to him”, and telling him that the world was headed for a “Great Collapse”. After this, he developed a single motive: to save as many as he could, whether they wanted to be saved or not. Sounds kind of like Faith had something to do with that, does it not?

The Far Cry 5 cult vignettes are short and sweet glimpses into the cult that you will go up against in the game. I wonder if we will get to see Resistance vignettes as well? Either way, the game releases on 27 March 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

[Source: YouTube]

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