It was bound to happen! Every gamer’s favourite energy drink (in South Africa, anyway) has its own video game. Better yet, Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game is now available to play!

While it only just released in stores locally, the game officially released globally on 13 February 2018, and I have to say that it looks pretty cool.

While I am no expert on dirt bikes, or any kind of motorbike for that matter, I must admit that the game does pique an interest. It features all-out epic supercross races across a vast number of tracks, such as Daytona, and also features official bikes from the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season. Athletes featured include stars from both 250SX, and 450SX classes, such as Chad Reed, Ken Roczen and reigning champion, Ryan Dungey.

The game also features a career mode with “extreme customisation options” for both riders, bikes, and “maximum flexibility” to advance in racing classes. The customisation also extends to the track! The game features a full-featured track editor where players can create their own custom tracks, race on them, and even share them online. Speaking of online, the game supports multiplayer for up to 12 players on all tracks, whether custom or licensed.

Along with the game, players can also get the season pass. For just $15 USD on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players will get downloadable content with 60 liveries, 10 rider tracksuits; 15 extra icons and butt patches; and the “Credit Multiplier” downloadable content.

Players will also eventually get access to two more DLC packs: Monster Energy Cup and Compound. The Energy Cup is an “Exact replica” of the 2017 Monster Energy Cup track at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas; while the Compound is a training space with two new tracks.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $60 USD; while the Special Edition, which also includes the Season Pass, costs $70 USD. The Microsoft Windows version is available for $50 USD, while the Nintendo Switch version is also $60 USD. There is also an iOS version on the way.

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