There is no denying that nerds and geeks (like all of us here at Vamers) sometimes like to work out (or in Hans’ case, are addicted to it). We all need our mad gains after all! If you do workout, you will know the difference that music makes to your routine. With this in mind, I have found a fantastic 8-bit workout remix album to help get your blood pumping!

Chris Lawhorn, a fitness blogger for Style and The Huffington Post, recently released two sets of 8-bit remixes that total 70 minutes of retro goodness. The albums are great, and feature very familiar notes and tunes that any fan of 80s 8-bit classics will be familiar with.

The two 8-bit Workout remix albums are available exclusively through Run Hundred, a user driven website that helps you discover workout music based on your favourite songs. The first set of tracks are based on classic MIDI tunes and feature the same sounds that you would expect from your favourite arcade and video games growing up. The second set, however, puts a little spin on things: it adds modern Electronic Dance Music (EDM) touches to the classic beats.

The nice thing about the tracks is that they sound great, whether you use them for working out or not. Chris says that he was inspired to create the albums when someone gave him a Compact Disc (CD) filled with 8-bit music. He gave the CD a listen in his car, and it made him feel like he was “in a driving video game”. I, for one, totally agree with how music can become the soundtrack to your life.

Each of the 8-bit Workout remix albums is 35-minutes-long, totalling 70-minutes when played back-to-back. A decent time, considering they will only set you back $10 USD (~R100 ZAR)! Furthermore, Run Hundred has also stated that all proceeds will go toward their charity partners – who provide humanitarian aid in each of the 50 United States and 70 countries abroad. Therefore making this purchase a bit of a no-brainer.

If you want to purchase the albums, you can do so directly on the Run Hundred Shop.

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