Vamers - FYI - Music - Britney Spears Talks Cars & Dances with Sharks in 'Work Bitch' - Profile

Britney Spears has officially released the music video to “Work Bitch”, the first single from her forthcoming eighth studio album, and it is a pop music delight!

The incredibly steamy Ben Mor directed and produced music video features an incredibly toned and gorgeous Britney, alongside a myriad of equally sexy backup dancers, salaciously prancing through a variety of extravagant and eye catching sets and scenes. From scantily clad bodies and whips to sharks and supercars, “Work Bitch” is everything a pop music video should be and is a great return to form for the once struggling pop ‘princess’.

Interestingly, the “Work Bitch” music video coincides with the 15 year anniversary of Britney’s mega-hit “Baby One More time”, the debut single that turned miss Spears into a household name overnight (and made teenage boys, like myself at the time, extremely hot under the collar). Perhaps “Work Bitch” is a subtle homage to her first single and the notion that she would not be where she is today without a lot of hard work? Whatever the meaning, there is no denying that the “Work Bitch” music video is pure pop nirvana… and I think it is fantastic!

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