When it comes to streaming, you really cannot go wrong with the Logitech C920. It has been one of the biggest and best webcams used by professional streamers and casters alike since 2012. This only attests to the incredible build quality Logitech offers with their products.

Now, the company has finally delivered an upgrade to the C920 that is sure to please anyone (it even impressed me, and I detest the idea of a webcam). The older C920 records in full high definition 1080p (full HD) with such precision, that it would be hard to think of any reason why an upgrade is necessary. As such, Logitech took quite some time to figure that out, and they have: background replacement.

Gone are the days where streamers have to struggle with massive and over weighed green screens. The Logitech C922 introduces a feature that recognises shapes that are separate to players in its frame of view. It takes this data and gives players the ability to overlay video of just themselves, over footage of the game they are playing. Players will be able to do this via new and improved drivers and broadcasting programmes such as XSplit. This is a very good thing, seeing as every purchase of the Logitech C922 will come with a three-month Premium License for XSplit.

The Logitech C922 also boasts reliable no-drop audio, autofocus, and an immense 78-degree field of view. This is on top of the full HD, 60 FPS recording, Background Replacement and XSplit license mentioned above. Moreover, it will also feature automatic low light correction that will allow all gamers to stream in just about any light condition.

All of this, and I did not even mention the fact that it can record in stereo audio too!

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