Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers. The new units finally add what has been missing from RGB speaker setups: colour backlighting that syncs with gaming! Now gamers can truly “RGB all the things”.

Logitech is no stranger to the gaming peripheral market. I would even go so far as to say that they may very well be one of the best. With that said, the company has always invested in speakers, like the fantastic little Wonderboom. Personally, I use a mixture of Logitech Z211 and Z337 speakers for my setup. I think they are great peripherals that boost immersion in games immensely. Now that I have seen the Logitech G560 speakers, however, I think might be in the market for a brand new set.

The speakers come equipped with four RGB light emitting diode (LED) zones. These zones can display almost 16.8 million different colours! Using that, Logitech have also developed a brand new technology it calls “Lightsync“, which you can use to synchronise the LED colour output with what you are seeing on-screen, or what music you are listening to. They also look sleek and modern, which is a big plus for modern gaming setups.

The system is a 2.1 speaker system, which delivers 240 Watts of peak power and has a 120 Watts output capability (RMS). The Logitech G560s are Logitech G’s first official speakers, and as such, are geared specifically toward gamers. This also means that it inevitably will sync up with all of Logitech G’s gaming peripherals that feature RGB lighting. In addition, the Logitech G560 also features full Dolby DTS: X Ultra support, which lets them simulate surround sound. While I am not sure how a 2.1 speaker system will adequately simulate surround sound, the company has delivered very accurate surround sound with their gaming headsets — of which the Logitech G433 comes to mind.

Regardless of your opinion on RGB peripherals, it is no question that these speakers will, at the very least and in my experience, deliver great audio. I have not even seen these in person yet, and I am already excited to get my setup upgraded. With that said, Logitech has stated that the Logitech G560 will be available in South Africa within March 2018. Pricing was not revealed, but I estimate them to cost around R2500 to R3000.


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