Players who wish to change their Battle.Net Battletag can now do so as many times as they want. As long as they fork out some money.

Your Battletag is essentially your identity when it comes to playing Blizzard’s games online. As such, choosing a Battletag is quite an important decision to make. Then again, there are those of us who simply just went with anything that popped into our minds at the time.

For whatever reason, those “rushed” Battletags can sometimes come back to be an embarrassing bite in the old butt. I mean, who wants want to tell their colleagues to add “StrwBrryShortcakeRulezzz.1293” to their friend’s list? Probably not you.

Thankfully, Activision Blizzard has updated the Blizzard Store with a new Battletag name change option. For a fee of merely $10 USD (~R150 ZAR), you can change that embarrassing Battletag to something a bit more appropriate. “StrawberryShortcakeRules4Ever” sounds a lot better!


Battletags may be a means of identifying friends, but the nice thing is that they do not need to be absolutely unique. Basically, if you and a friend both think that ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ is the best kind of confectionary, then you can both have that as your Battletags! The actual identifier also constitutes a unique numerical ID that is added to the end of the name. In other words, you could have the exact same name as your friend, but you will each have a unique set of numbers added to the end.

Fortunately, Activision Blizzard knows that there are a lot of kids with no credit cards playing their games. As such, the company has allowed a single Battletag change for free. To claim the name change, simply log in and add it to your cart via the Blizzard Shop. It should be noted that you should only do this when you are ready.

Activision Blizzard has stated that the Battletag change will not alter anything in your friend’s list. To you, everything will stay the same. To your friends, your Battletag will change with no extra effort on their part.

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