The Huawei P8 launched in July to much fanfare, and has since received a lot of positive reviews from the media. To further accentuate Huawei’s place as a premium smartphone manufacturer, the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has awarded the Chinese based company’s P8 device the ‘European Consumer Smartphone’ for 2015. This is the third consecutive year that Huawei has been recognised by EISA in this category, winning previously in 2013 for the P6 and 2014 for the P7.

The build quality of the device, along with its myriad of features, have contributed significantly to the success of the Huawei P8. Most ‘premium’ labeled smartphones are placed well above the R10k mark at retail. Yet the P8, with its full metal body, Octo-core processor, 2,680Ah capacity battery, 5.2-inch Full HD IPS-NEO display and 13MP rear camera, is available for under R9000 or for as little as R199 a month on contract. The impressive build quality and price point are the main reasons why the EISA has praised Huawei for delivering “a truly sophisticated appearance” with “surprisingly high-end craftsmanship” to such an affordable device.

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The Chief Marketing Officer of the Huawei Business Group, Glory Zhang, has said that Huawei is “proud to be presented with this award for the third year in a row” and that the company is continuously “committed to challenging the industry and revolutionising how a smart phone is used”.

The more Huawei can continue to disrupt the smartphone market with premium devices at lower price points, the better smartphones will become for all users.

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HUAWEI P8 Wins EISA Consumer Smartphone Award

European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has awarded Huawei ‘European Consumer Smartphone’ for the third consecutive year

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has been awarded ‘European Consumer Smartphone 2015 – 2016’ by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) for its latest flagship smartphone, Huawei P8. This is the third consecutive year that Huawei has been recognized by EISA in this category.

Building on the success of last year’s award‐winning Ascend P7, the new Huawei P8 is the culmination of the P series’ rich heritage of style and functionality, and is once again redefining the smartphone market with easy-to-use features that amaze and inspire consumers.  EISA praised Huawei for delivering ”improved camera performance and surprisingly high‐end craftsmanship that gives this affordable device a truly sophisticated appearance.” It highlighted its 2,680mAh capacity battery, f/2 lens developed for better low‐light performance and the P8’s excellent 5.2‐inch Full HD IPS‐NEO display.

The low-light camera performance allows consumers to be more creative using the best light painting facility available on a smartphone and amazing crisp high contrast shots. The P8 also features a compact and powerful dual-antenna design plus rapid switching technology allows the phone to intelligently recognize the best mode reduces dropped calls and maintains a stronger signal.

“We are proud to be presented with this award for the third year in a row. We are committed to challenging the industry and revolutionizing how a smart phone is used – the Huawei P8 is the most user-friendly smartphone for consumers globally,” said Glory Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer, Consumer Business Group (BG).

In August 2014, Huawei Ascend P7 was named ‘European Consumer Smartphone 2014 – 2015’ and was praised for its ‘beautiful glass finish’, ‘attractive price’ and its 8-million-pixel front-facing camera and rear 13-million-pixel sensor with flash and supporting apps. Huawei Ascend P7 is now on sale in over 100 countries and has shipped more than 7 million units since it was launched. In 2013, Huawei had been awarded the ‘European Consumer Smartphone 2013 – 2014’ for the ultra slim 6.18mm Ascend P6.

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