Huawei Technologies South Africa has been recognised as one of 2017’s top employers worldwide by Interbrand. This comes right after Huawei jumped the 72nd position on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report in October 2016.

Interband stated that “Huawei is once again a highlight in the 2016 Best Global Brands Report released by Interband”. Its brand value, approximated at USD $5,835 million, increased by 18 percent compared to a year ago. In Interbrand’s annual report, it is also one of the top-growing brands in the technology sector, climbing from number 88 to number 72 in ranking. The company also stated that “Huawei’s significant progress stems from the belief that customers always come first and the persistence in providing value-driven products and services”.

This is huge for a company that just started gaining traction in 2014. Just a month or so ago, we reported that Huawei is opening two customer service centres in South Africa. The company is making impressive strides within the South African marketplace.

Now for the first ever, Huawei Technologies was awarded the Top Employers South Africa 2017 certification. This means that Huawei is one of the best companies that you could work for in South Africa. Quite a feat for a company that only just started to move away from its “cheap” Android tag and onto higher-end, well-built and smartly designed smartphones. It is amazing that a company can go from literally nothing to a top-100 Top Employer in less than three years (then again, I would gladly disagree and put Vamers up there somewhere).



According to a statement, Huawei is among 164 organisations in Africa, from 32 countries between 23 sectors, that have been given this award. According to Huawei South Africa COO, Christina Naidoo, the company has been working towards this since the start. “Huawei has been striving for excellence in the ICT sector on both the international and local environments”, she said. “It prides us for the Huawei brand to speak for itself through various independent researchers”.

The Top Employers Institute conducted a comprehensive independent research initiative. This revealed that Huawei Technologies delivers exceptional employee working conditions. Huawei does this through nurturing and developing talent throughout all levels of the organisation. The company has also shown its leadership capabilities in the Human Resources environment.

Huawei was awarded the certification because it achieved the highest standards of excellence in employee conditions, HR processes, and standard. In total, the list below shows exactly Huawei excels at.

  • Talent Strategy
  • Workforce Planning
  • On-Boarding
  • Learning and Development
  • Career and Successful Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Culture

I mentioned in a previous article how Huawei is a force to be reckoned with, and it seems that I was right. Not only do they build exceptional smartphones, but it seems that they are now the best place to work for, in South Africa.

[Source: Interbrand]

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