Huawei, the Apple of China, has launched its brand new hybrid video solution called ‘Huawei Envision’. The new service is designed to assist carriers in developing video as a fundamental service. The announcement took place at AfricaCom 2016 in Cape Town. 

Huawei says that its unique Video Cloud solution will enable customers in Africa to quickly bring video services online. It does so by reducing the Time to Market (TTM) to one week, reduces infrastructure cost by 90%, and ensures the best user experience and data security for all customers.

Huawei Envision consists of three fundamental parts:

  • Envision Video Platform: helps carriers develop video as a fundamental service.
  • Envision Cloud: enables quick service launch and business success through cloud services.
  • Envision Ecosystem: assists customers in constructing the content ecosystem, platform ecosystem and device ecosystem for video service development.

Huawei’s Envision solution supports multiple service scenarios, including cloud live broadcast, cloud video-on-demand, cloud TV games, celebrity or games live broadcasts, multi-screen interaction, remote healthcare, and even online education. It also reduces the costs of on-premises video platforms and content delivery network infrastructure construction, assists in quick commercial use of video services and promotes industry cooperation.

Huawei’s Envision Cloud supports multiple service scenarios, including cloud live broadcast, cloud Video On Demand (VOD), cloud TV games, celebrity or games live broadcast, multi-screen interaction, remote health care, and online education. It also helps to reduce the costs of on-premises video platforms and Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure construction. This effectively assists customers in getting quick commercial use out of its video services, which helps promote industry cooperation.

Wilson Feng, Vice President of Huawei Southern Africa, said “Nowadays video services are not just an intrinsic part of telecommunications services but also a standard feature. Video should be positioned as a basic service for operators”.

According to figures presented by Huawei, video is already the dominant content type on many mobile networks, accounting for more than 50 percent of all traffic. In the coming years, that figure is expected to grow to more than 80 percent as video becomes a more integral part of life with the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) and mobile video.

“Huawei aims to become the best video solution provider in Africa, lead new video ecosystem construction and assist customers in achieving success”.

Based on the Envision Cloud business solution, Huawei launched the Comedy+ with MTN in Nigeria and the Baze-live show service with partners in Kenya in October 2016. Huawei is also planning to expand these services to the whole of Africa in the very near future.

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