Brothers Brandon and Hudson White are fitness experts who run the popular YouTube channel BuffDudes. However, the muscular duo are more than simply about brawn and protein. In fact, the brothers White are keen geeks at heart and often enjoy a good spot of cosplay (Brandon has actually made an appearance on Vamers before, as he portrayed Kratos in the God of War: Ascension advertising campaign).

The BuffDudes channel is filled with helpful advice on nutrition and exercise, and often has a heavy focus on motivation and perseverance. One of the most recent motivational videos features the Asgardian god of Thunder, Thor.

The short motivational film from BuffDudes showcases Thor, Odin’s son, as he embraces the power of Mjölnir and his new position as the King of Asgard. With hammer in hand, Thor sets forth upon an epic quest to make Odin proud.

Enjoy and happy Thorsday!

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