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Comic Book Shop is a fantastic geek parody of the 2012 Billboard Hot 100 hit ‘Thrift Shop’ by American rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis.

The Comic Book Shop parody was created by DragonConTV for the annual “Page to Stage” competition as a tribute to all Comic Book fans who have helped Dragon Con become the event that it is today – one that celebrates fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and other elements of fan culture.

The parodic music video has some truly entertaining lyrics (available below the video for those who wish to sing along) and also includes some pretty great cameo appearances from characters such as Freakazoid, The Dark Knight’s Bane and Watchmen’s Rorschach, among many others. Enjoy!

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[na na na na na na na na Batman]

I gonna pop some bags, only got twenty titles on my pull list
I’m goin’ shoppin’, looking for a comic, this is frakking awesome

[Verse 1]
Now walk into the mall like “What up?! I got a big box!”
Gonna fill it up with some books from the comic shop
X-Men with Iceman is so damn frosty
Damn, Bobby Drake is a cold ass honky

[Verse 2]
Rolling in hella deep, looking for some DC
Rockin’ Bronze Age, keep my arrow and my lantern green
Draped in a Robin cape, cardboard cutout next to me
Probably should’ve washed this, smells like King Cobra’s sheets
But damn, it was 99 cents! (Bag it)

[Verse 3]
Coppin’ it, readin’ it, ’bout to go and get some Hero Clix
Passing up an Archie Comic for the latest Walking Dead
Paul Dini, Alan Moore, Peter David, George Perez
Goin’ in my bag, I’ma happy, that’s a bargain kids

[Verse 4]
I’ma take’a Stan Lee style, I’ma take’a Stan Lee style
No for real, ask Stan: can I have his comic style?
X-men, Spider Man, Iron Man, Fantastic Fo’
Mad mutant powers, makin’ crazy movie cameos

[Verse 5]
They had an Age of Ultron, I bought an Age of Ultron
I bought a Captain Marvel, then I bought The Atom
Hello, hello, my Ant Man, my mellow
Hellboy ain’t got nothing on my Daredevil, hell no
I could get some Snake Eyes, Copperhead from G. I. Joe
The Cobra heads would be like “Ah, he got the Destro.”

[Hook x2]

[Verse 6 … Bane]
Whatcha’ know ’bout wearin’ a cowl up on your noggin?
Whatcha’ know ’bout Joker beatin’ up on Robin?
I’m readin’, I’m readin’, I’m searching up that Gotham
One man’s Nightwing is another man’s Red Hood

[Verse 7]
I got a Watchmen with a big Manhattan and
Rorschach up in his thrift shop coat
I’m at the shop, you can find me in the stacks
I’m that, I’m that sucka’ hanging out with the fans

[Verse 8]
Your ladies, your mans, demand the costuming fans
Take the lasso and the bands and they rock that Wonder Woman
The grappling hook and the belt on the Batwoman
They hit the party and they purr like a Catwoman

[Verse 9]
They be like “Oh that girl, she’s hella fake”
I’m like “Yo … that’s no way to treat a fan”
Come here and listen, let’s do some simple addition
You knock her for a t-shirt, that’s just some ignorant biz (-ness)

[Verse 10]
I call that being a bully and a hypocrite
I call that being a big dumb idiot
That girl’s a reader, yo!
And keeping her from reading what she wants in a book is a hella don’t

[Verse 11]
Geek game, come take a look through my Bat-scope
Try to stop girls being fans?
Man you hella won’t

Man you hella won’t
(Comics! Poppin’ Bags!)


Hulk and Fantastic Four, Batman and Green Arrow
They’re in the books I got, from that comic shop down the road

Spider Jerusalem, Venom and Halo Jones
They’re in the books I bought, from that comic shop down the road


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