Vamers - Fandom - Grand Theft Auto V 5 - The Musical

The brothers from AVByte are at it again. This time the talented duo have put their next-generation console differences aside to bring us a fresh take on one of the years most anticipated video games: Grand Theft Auto V.

‘Grand Theft Auto V: The Musical’ is a wonderfully truthful parody about the vast open world and addictive nature of  Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto series of games.

The musical begins by detailing the lives of female gamers whose boyfriends cannot get enough of Grand Theft Auto V. The girlfriends lament the ‘loss’ of their boyfriends to the stereotypical notion that games are a ‘waste of time’. However, things take an unexpected turn when the boyfriends ask the girlfriends to give the game a try after detailing how much fun Grand Theft Auto V can be.

As always, the latest AVByte’s musical is well produced and rather funny, especially if you pay attention to the rhyming lyrics.

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[Source: AVByte]

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