Hot on the heels of Screen Junkies honest trailer of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ is the newest entry in Hishe’s excellent and humorously animated series ‘How It Should Have Ended’.

In ‘How Thor The Dark World Should Have Ended’ the creative team at Hishe explore what would have happened if Thor had actually checked to see if Loki was dead, instead of simply assuming that he was.

Vamers - Geekosphere - Loki's shares a Pint with Some Villains on Puza Thorsday - The Villain Pub Logo

The result sees a scorned Loki drinking his sorrows away in The Villain Pub alongside The Joker and General Zod. The skit also features some excellent cameo appearances by Hannibal Lecter, Predator and HAL 9000.

The Villain Pub is a fantastic addition to the already popular ‘How It Should Have Ended’ series and is a bonus so good that it deserves to be formed into its own web series.


[Source: Hishe]

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