Pikachu on Acid is an absolute retina scorching visual delight. Created and developed by the creative minds at High 5 Toons, the short video explores what would happen to a Pokémon that is affected by the move ‘acid’.

Traditionally, the move ‘acid’ has been associated with a negative pH balanced and corrosive liquid. However, what if the ‘acid’ was a hallucinogenic instead? High 5 Toons uses this premise to create a satirical parody of a traditional Pokémon battle. The result is a hilarious four minute animation that has been superbly crafted with a style and feel similar to Cartoon Networks Adventure Time animated series.

Pikachu on Acid has some of the best and most fluid animated visuals yet seen from a YouTube based cartoon. So dim the lights and crank up the volume because you are about to embark on an unforgettable psychedelic trip with everyone’s favourite yellow lighting mouse, Pikachu.

Unable to watch the video? Here is a brief summary:

The video begins with Ash enjoying the spoils of a previous victory. Before long, he stumbles into Team Rocket where Ash’s Pikachu faces off against James’ Muck. Pikachu uses thunderbolt, and Muck counters with ‘Acid’. Instead of damaging Pikachu, the acid spray causes him to experience vivid hallucinations and lose touch with reality.

Pikachu starts to see everything in bright colors and distorted shapes. He sees giant distorted versions of Muck and Meowth, before witnessing Ash as a demonic figure laughing maniacally at his plight.

Pikachu then continues to replay the battle scene, whilst continuously hallucinating. Eventually a musical montage begins with the cute and loveable Pokémon going on a ‘journey’ through space, time and the cosmos.

Eventually it is revealed how Pikachu on Acid means everything was a dream and the Pokemon was unable to continue fighting, resulting in a draw at Jame’s behest.

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