Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15





  • Loads of ammo
  • Satisfying grip and sounds
  • Darts go far
  • Allows for accessories


  • Large - not suitable for everyone

Decades ago, children would play cops and robbers with only their hands and possibly a stick and some string. Moving forward to today, there is a plethora of toys, games and goodies that children (and adults) can use to express enjoyment and make the hours of what would be a mundane and ordinary day; fly past in a moments notice. Nerf is one such brand, and for 2020 the popular foam dart company has launched the all new Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15. A mouthful of a name, to be sure, but also one of the best foam dart guns currently available.

Sporting loud blue and orange accents, it is clear the Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15 means business! For a start, the toy is rather large at almost 70 centimetres in length, 30 centimetres in height and close to 15 centimetres thick. It also weighs roughly 1.4 kg; so it it a toy meant for bigger children. What makes this blaster truly unique, however, is how it features a rotating barrel that can be loaded with 15 darts at a time. In addition, it also supports extra accessories in the form of both barrel and stock attachments (sold separately).

The hallmark of Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15 is, without a doubt, the absolutely excellent and wonderfully continuous pump action capabilities. The blaster comes with a total of 30 foam darts, 15 orange and 15 blue. The main barrel can be loaded with 15 darts at a time. Thereafter, users can pump the front grip to load, and hit the trigger in the second grip to fire. However, this can be done continuously until all 15 darts have been expended. Truthfully, it is an incredibly feeling. In addition to a very satisfying pump action; the sound the blaster makes as it shoots the darts is fantastic. Furthermore, doing it in quick succession really is something special. It ensures that foes need to be at the top of their game, or feel the wrath of the quick loading and pump action mechanics available to users of the Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15.

Perhaps the most impressive element to the Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15 is how far the darts can travel! According to the packaging, Nerf advertises a range of 27 metres. In practice, however, it is closer to between 20 and 25 metres. Even so, this is a great distance for these foam darts to travel. Better still, the accuracy remains on point until at least the 18 metre mark, before some additional aiming consideration is needed via the included ‘tactical rails’ on the top of the blaster.

Overall, the Nerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15 is a truly fun device for only ZAR R799/USD $30. With both a satisfying pump action and dart firing sound; not to mention plenty of ammo to enjoy in one go; the blaster will certainly be the envy of anyone who needs to go up against it.

ProductNerf Elite Shockwave 2.0 RD 15
AcquisitionReview model courtesy of Hasbro

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