Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Megazord





  • Colourful packaging
  • Good for very young children only


  • Minimal articulation
  • Hard, cheap-looking plastic

Power Rangers is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows for children. No matter your age, chances are you grew up with one of the seemingly countless generations of coloured warriors. Personally, I grew up alongside the very start of it all: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. However, as I aged, I grew incredibly fond of the short-running Power Rangers Timeforce generation before my interest waned.

In recent years, Power Rangers has once again piqued my interest. This year’s Beast Morphers caught my eye for its inclusion of crazy cool Beast zords, which hearken back to the very youth I mentioned before. As such, I simply had to get my hands on the Beast-X Megazord. With that said, let me be blunt: I wish I never did.

Cool packaging is great. Products that look cool inside packaging, even more so. Admittedly, this is what caught my eye the first time Hasbro dropped off the Beast-X Megazord. It is colourful, weighty, and has the cool Power Rangers box art we all know and love. I even looked past my dislike for plastic packaging because of how cool it looks!

Out of the box, however, the excitement quickly turns into disappointment. From the onset, it is clear Hasbro made the Beast-X Megazord with toddlers in mind. While it is fastened quite neatly in the package – complete with rubber band fasteners – it is abundantly clear how this toy is essentially a hard piece of plastic, void of any life or soul.

I will admit, I still had some hope while prying the figure from its cardboard and rubber prison. A smile covered my face as I finally free it and set the toy down on the table. Alas, the joy faded pretty quickly after noticing how this is the only upright position it will ever have.

It is very easy to take for granted how toys can move and bend in all kinds of directions. A fact made even more apparent by the almost complete lack of articulation in the Beast-X Megazord. The realisation left me laughing in frustration. The figure literally only moves in the most basic of ways: the head and hands can turn, whereas the arms and legs move back and forth. When I say they “turn”, I literally mean it in the most basic sense. Arms go up and down, legs go left and right. Considering how much this figure costs (cheapest I found was R449 at Takealot), it is a huge disappointment.

Beyond its lack of articulation, I will give the Megazord credit for at least looking good. It comes with a few weapons and gear right out of the box. When equipped, and standing upright, it looks like a nice figurine you would put on a corner stand somewhere. The issue is how things on corner stands are meant to be scrutinised and looked at closely. The moment you do that, all the cracks in this solution will show.

I suppose I should have tempered my expectations for this product, but after being surprised by the new line of Transformers toys, I expected more. Personally, I think even hardcore Power Rangers Beast Morphers fans will find it lacking. However, with its clear focus on strong plastic and a robust nature, it is clear how it was made with toddlers in mind. Even with this in mind, I believe the money would be better spent elsewhere.

BrandSaban’s Power Rangers
ProductPower Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Megazord
CompatibilityAges 4 and up
AcquisitionReview unit courtesy of Hasbro

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power-rangers-beast-morphers-beast-x-megazord-reviewWhen people talk about 'cash grabs', this toy comes to mind. With a clear focus on strong plastic and a robust nature, it is clear how it was made with toddlers in mind and no one else. The Power Rangers Beast-X Megazord may look cool from afar. Up close, however, this hard-plastic toy is not worth the purchase!