Children can be fickle when it comes to special events and presents. One moment they like the young guy on TV who turns into different aliens, and the next they are obsessed with the latest and greatest Fortnite merchandise. Thankfully, some toys never go out of fashion and will put a smile on any child’s face.

Thanks to a handy guide provided to us by Hasbro, we managed to come up with a list of goodies that should go down as some of the best buys for your child this Christmas. These toys range from well-known licensed toys, perfect for older children, through to the kind of toys perfect for pretty much any age – including babies and toddlers. Without further ado, here is out Hasbro 2019 Toy Guide.


Play-Doh! All kids love it and all parents hate it. Even so, parents always manage to play along whenever Play-Doh is in the room! This holiday, Play-Doh is bringing a few new sets to stores. In one, kids can play with Tootsie (SRP R499), a unicorn “ice cream maker” that dispenses Play-Doh colours while making sounds and changing her facial expressions. Another lets children have fun in the kitchen, so to speak, with the Stamp & Top Pizza Oven (SRP R450), where young chefs can go crazy with stamping pizza bases and “popping them in the oven”. Perfect for children of all ages.

Power Rangers

I think it is safe to say that all children are well aware of who the Power Rangers are, which is why they had to be listed on our Hasbro Toy Guide 2019. While adults my age are used to the Mighty Morphin’- and Timeforce Power Rangers, there is no denying that pretty much any generation of these timeless coloured warriors provide incredible entertainment. Hasbro is now bringing the latest generation to children with the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers! The Beast-X Megazord and Beast Racer Megazord, in particular, are incredible figures that stand 25cm tall (SRP R449). So. Darn. Cool!


Disney’s Frozen is getting a highly sought after sequel in 2019 and, just like with the 2017 movie, it will undoubtedly be a hit with boys and girls alike. Now children can join in on the fun with a brand-new set of singing Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna fashion dolls (SRP R299)! These include a Frozen 2 inspired outfit with cool light-up effects. To make things extra spicy for all parents, the dolls also include snippets of the songs featured in the movie – since you know, including the full song would infringe on that sweet music licensing… and make all adults listening to it over and over again incredibly annoyed.


Transformers is yet another timeless brand on this Hasbro Toy Guide 2019. From a great set of video games to wonderfully explosive movies and several animated series, there simply is no escaping these cool transforming robots in disguise. They also happen to be sentient – a fact which poses the question of whether they really are robots? Existential crises aside, I can tell you right now that children will be playing with these for a long time! Hasbro’s new line of Transformers Cyberverse toys (SRP R449) are especially great, considering they feature the all-new Spark Armor ability – where children can transform some characters into literal armour for others.


Look, I am not condoning shooting people with real guns. I do, however, feel there is a place for toys, like these totally cool Nerf guns with non-damaging darts. Also, children like Fortnite, so just imagine how popular a Nerf X Fortnite combination would be! Yeah, it happened, and it is great. Hasbro lets kids and adults alike live out the Battle Royale in real life with the Nerf Fortnite RL blaster (SRP R570).

Buying toys is a challenging task, but hopefully this handy Hasbro Toy Guide 2019 makes things a tiny bit easier for you. Do you have a little mini-you that cannot make up their minds on what they want for Christmas? What are you planning to get? Let us know!

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