IO Interactive have announced the plans for their hit professional assassin title, Hitman 2, and it looks incredible. The Hitman 2 Content Roadmap 2019 will take Agent 47 to a new resort location, offer new sniper opportunities, and even let the professional killer infiltrate a bank.

Starting out with the Hitman 2 April Roadmap, IO Interactive bolstered Hitman 2 with a new Ghost Mode map, a bunch of new contracts, and the promise of a major update.

April started out the Hitman 2 Content Roadmap 2019 with Mumbai Master, a challenge pack that tasks Agents to complete challenges as the “Holy Man”. Successfully finishing them will reward players with the Magnesium Pouch item for use anywhere else in-game. April also saw the return of Father Adalrico Candelaria. This Legacy Elusive Target can be found in Sapienza, and players have ten days to take him out or fail to try. The rest of the month will see a bunch of new Featured Contracts coming to the game, with a brand-new escalation contract closing out the month.

That is not all, however. While April admittedly got the most detailed roadmap, IO Interactive also unveiled what is in store for the rest of the year. In a generalised infographic, the Hitman 2 Content Roadmap 2019 involves two new locations, a spate of new contracts, and returning elusive targets.

While the infographic includes a few things that have already been released (such as the Hantu Port Sniper Map), it also holds a few key aspects that bode well for the game’s future. Starting in “Summer”, fans can expect a new location, The Bank, two new Special Assignments, Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur; as well as a new Jungle Summer theme.

Later this year, fans can expect to see The Prison, a new Sniper Map, and The Resort, another new location. During this “Fall” period, players can also expect a new outfit, an antique rifle, Mumbai map for Ghost Mode, and two new themes: The Rivals and Halloween. Fall also includes two new Special Assignments for Gold Edition owners.

While two new missions coming to the game are only for Gold Edition owners, a lot of the content in this roadmap actually requires the Silver Edition, at a minimum. The difference between the Gold and Silver is that the Gold includes a Year pass (all content for an extra year), while the Silver only includes a season pass (all content for the first year). While these editions are not readily available for sale any longer, players who have not picked them up in the past can still purchase the Expansion Pass for around R500, depending on the retailer.

Hitman 2 is an incredible game. If you have not yet picked it up, this Hitman 2 Content Roadmap 2019 should sway you in the right direction. After all, what game where you can infiltrate a bank, has ever been bad?

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