IO Interactive is once again being generous with the festive season giving. Hitman 2 players will be getting a heap of new content in December. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have detailed what players can expect in the Hitman 2 December Live Content for 2018.

In short, players will end off the year with a literal bang. As Agent 47 has a lot more in store with new Contracts, Escalations, and the next Elusive Target mission.

All new contracts in the Hitman 2 December Live Content will be created by members of the Hitman community. The theme of the month is occupational hazards where all contracts are based on jobs, occupations or professions. An occupational hazard for a police officer, for instance, is getting shot and wounded while on the scene. I wonder what the hazard for a professional hitman is…

The new Escalation Contract is called the Aelwin Augment. It officially kicks off on 13 December, and will let players adapt skills and play styles to the various kinks that are occasionally thrown into Agent 47’s “best-laid plans”. Escalation Contracts force players to think on their feet and adapt to various complications. The Aelwin Augment takes place on the Isle of Sgail.

Starting on 21 December, Agent 47 will have a limited amount of time to head to Santa Fortuna in order to take out The Revolutionary. Agent 47 will start out as a casual tourist, and upon successful completion, will be rewarded with the casual tourist outfit and gloves. As with all Elusive targets, players get only 10 days to complete the assignment. However, once started, players have a single chance to take them out. Fail the assignment, and the target gets away (until IO Interactive brings them back in the future).

IO Interactive will also be bringing players “special holiday surprises” starting on 16 December. These will take the form of limited time festively themed surprises. What those might be, however, is anyone’s guess.

IO Interactive hopes that Hitman 2 will become a platform for the franchise. What we see in the game now, is what we can expect for many years to come. I, for one, welcome any and all Live Content, and I look forward to getting some hands-on time with the Hitman 2 December Live Content.

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