HBO’s award winning Game of Thrones has been shocking, entertaining and delighting audiences around the world since April 2011. In that time, a majority of major characters and cast members have met their untimely demise faster than George R. R. Martin can write chapters. However, the series does have one constant that has become a household staple.

Anyone who has watched Game of Thrones will be familiar with the pounding drumbeat and unforgettable scenes of the changing Westeros landscape, which continues to feature in the opening title of each episode of the seriesThe opening title is a character in its own right, one that can now be explored in wonderful detail within a brand new 360-degree video on the show’s official Facebook page.

The video follows the same path that fans have become familiar with, starting first at the capital of King’s Landing, before trawling up to Winterfell, and finally trekking up to The Wall that keeps the citizens of Westeros safe from White Walkers. Like most 360-degree video experiences, the viewpoint is restricted by the linear path of the camera. This means that viewers are not free to explore the entire map at their own leisure, but rather have the ability to spin the camera around and survey the surrounding geography of Westeros and Essos that would otherwise be missed when watching the title conventionally.

Viewers who wish to enjoy this novel 360-degree video experience [embedded below] will be served best by using a browser that supports Flash natively, like Chrome and Firefox. At this time, Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported. If you have an iOS device, make sure to watch the video from within the Facebook app for it to work.

[Source: Facebook]

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