Science has offered an intricately woven tale about the benefits and reasons of why human beings kiss and has also revealed how different the sound of kissing is in various languages.

The short film ‘First Kiss’ by Tati Pilieva has recently made headlines around the world. Pilieva’s video showcases 20 strangers, coupled into 10 pairs, who then go on to kiss each other for the very first time.

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The video goes on to successfully capture the innocence and awkwardness associated with a ‘first kiss’ between strangers, and has an end result that is equally heartwarming and adorable.


Interestingly, the video is actually an advertisement for the Los Angeles based womenswear label known as WREN. So although Pilieva’s wonderful ‘work of art’ successfully captures the beautiful intimacy of kissing, the end result is that the video is nothing more than a highly effective advertisement for WREN’s fall 2014 collection.

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