Vamer Virago for July 2011: Yvonne Strahovski
Vamer Virago for July 2011: Yvonne Strahovski

The name Yvonne Strahovski does not quite paint the same image as, for example, a Candy Bottoms or Robin Sparkles. Yet miss Strahovski, at least by American standards, is the embodiment of “the girl next door”. With luscious golden locks, a heart melting smile, soul piercing blue eyes and a tent pitching beach body, it is no wonder this blonde bombshell has geeks the world over extending their shower privileges. Hence why it is a no-brainer that miss Strahovski is July 2011’s Vamer Virago.

Strahovski is most well known for her portrayal of the sexy super spy Sarah Walker in the Warner Brothers television series Chuck. However, she has also been immortalised as the salacious gun slinging double agent Miranda Lawson in the game Mass Effect 2. Those who have played Mass Effect 2 should know all about those controversial digital scenes of fornication not to mention her very finely rounded polygon crunching buttocks. If not, we have included a video, no doubt for your viewing pleasure, of Miss Strahovski’s digital avatar getting down and dirty with good old Commander Shepard (NSFW).

Fans of the Mass Effect series will be happy to learn that Yvonne Strahovski will be reprising her role as Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 3, scheduled for a 6th March 2012 release. So we only have about eight months to go before we get to ‘play’ alongside Miss Strahovski again.

Vamer Vixen for July 2011: Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski (born Strzechowski on 30 July 1982) is an Australian actress. Strahovski was born in Campbelltown, a suburb of Sydney, as Yvonne Strzechowski to Peter and Bozena Strzechowski. She speaks Polish and English fluently. After graduating from University of Western Sydney she featured in a number of Australian television shows before winning the starring role of Sarah Walker in the American television series Chuck. Strahovski adopted the more phonetic spelling of Strahovski as her stage name at Chuck producer Josh Schwartz’s behest for the sake of easier pronunciation.

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