For the longest time, fans of the Pokémon series have yearned for something more. Well, more than the monotonous role-playing game stylings of practically every single Nintendo Pokémon game ever made. Thankfully someone out there heard the call and a Pokémon Fighter was born!

Pokémon Type: Wild is a fan created beat-em/fighting game. It may not have the slickest menu system, but gosh darn it those 2D visual are pretty sweet. In a way the game resembles what a ‘love child’ between Pokémon and Street Fighter would look like. You know, a Pokémon Fighter

Personally, I reckon that Nintendo should find this person, give him/her a job, and finally create a Pokémon fighting game that fans have been hankering for. A highly unlikely scenario, but we can dream!

Check out a gameplay video below of Pokémon Type: Wild:

For those who are keen to actually play the game, you can find the download instructions here. I would absolutely buy a Pokémon Fighter styled game if it was as well made as this

(Source: Kotaku)

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