When it comes to gaming, many people out there would never even think twice about the business of it all. Sure, we are all aware of publishers and developers, and sometimes even privy to deals that take place. However, the ins and outs are still a big mystery. As such, Comic-Con Africa will host a Business of Gaming Forum during the convention weekend.

The Business of Gaming Forum is an entire panel and discussion that aims to inform and showcase the wide range of opportunities and business pillars within the gaming industry. It is also aimed at connecting business and brands with the entertainment sector, and features hosts and speakers from just about all walks of life, namely:

Graeme Richards, Actor, Writer, Television Presenter and Voice Artist

David Sidenberg, Executive Director & CEO, BMI Sport Info

Gareth Woods, Managing Director, Good Game Well Played

Grant Hinds, YouTuber and Streamer

Ryan McFadyen, Founder, Have You Heard

Garth Rhoda, Managing Director, Detonator Media

Nikki Bush, Creative Parenting Expert

Nicholas Hall, Attorney, Founding Member and Chair,

Make Games South Africa, CEO, Interactive Entertainment South Africa

Nitesh Matai, Managing Executive, Nu Metro

Carol Weaving, Reed Exhibitions Managing Director, says that the focus on business in gaming comes from the logic that this is Africa’s first official Comic Con. It is also the first Comic-Con that has incorporated esports into the mix. As such it is “only sensible that [Reed] use this opportunity to really investigate what it takes to make esports and gaming financially viable” for the market. Weaving also states that the aim is to make the Business of Gaming forum “engaging, insightful and exciting for those that attend”.

Topics discussed at the Business of Gaming Forum will range from children in today’s age, millennials, and the future of gaming as a whole. It will also touch upon gaming and education, and how interactive media can help bring areas that need the mass public attention to light.

Tickets have already been sold out, and all online sales for tickets have halted. However, at R1 950 a pop, the Business of Gaming Forum is sure to become a crucial aspect of Comic-Con Africa.

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