It is no surprise that Bluehole are cracking down on cheaters and hacking. Just recently, the studio worked with Tencent to crack down on hacks and hackers from China. Now, in a worldwide effort, the company is banning more than 100 000 PUBG cheaters from its game, permanently.

In the same blog post the company released where they detailed a few changes coming to the game’s public test (PT) servers, the developers also revealed that they would be banning one-hundred-thousand players. This is thanks to extensive data combing in the past weeks to identify cheaters. The company stated that they had “performed a thorough gameplay data review on 10 million players”. Through that, they completed “analysis of tens of millions of data logs” which resulted in identifying over 100 000 instances of patterns related to cheating. All players found guilty of this will be banned in a single wave, as soon as the new update releases. PUBG Corp. vows that the company will continuously check the data logs for similar patterns, as well as develop a new way of identifying new patterns.

The move is an unprecedented breakthrough for the company. This not only encourages new players, but it will also bring back old players who left because of the insatiable PUGB cheating and hacking. One may argue that losing 100 000 accounts is bad for a game, but I doubt the millions of new weekly players will mind.

Other changes in the upcoming update include a slower, yet deadlier, Blue Zone (detailed below); fixes to the replay camera, and updates to the deathcam; as well as minor bugfixes and improvements.

Blue zone changes coming to the PT Servers:

  • Slightly decreased the waiting time of the blue zones in the mid-to-late phase of a match
  • Slightly decreased the shrinking speed of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase (in this phase, blue zones will now move at a slower speed, and the travel time of blue zones has slightly increased due to this change)
  • Slightly increased the damage per second of the last blue zone

Essentially, the Blue Zone now bites a heck of a lot harder in the mid-to-late game, but moves noticeably slower. This will result in more firefights as players skirt the edges of the Blue and White zones. The company wants to see fewer deaths because of the zone and more deaths because people can fight within them.

The changes will be tested over several days, and the developers are asking for feedback and play data from everyone who is playing on the test servers. More updates and fixes are also coming very soon. PUBG Corp. promised that they would release more information on the pending fixes as soon as it can be made available to the public.

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