Bluehole’s widely popular battle royale title, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, is marking the return of one of its most popular game modes. PUBG Corporation announced that its PUBG Metal Rain event returns for another weekend on PC!

Since its inception, PUBG’s event mode has welcomed hundreds of thousands of PUBG players into the fold of exclusive and timed events. Every odd weekend, the game allows players to join quick matches, where a set number of players and teams can butt heads in new game modes, unlike the vanilla PUBG experience. Most recently, PUBG’s event mode involved 50 players, split into five teams, all spawning with shotguns, pistols and a single frag grenade. Gaining a kill nets the team 3 points, while killing teammates would take points away. The first team to make it to 200 points wins the game.

As fun as all of the events have been since the mode was added, none hold a candle to the inaugural event: Metal Rain. Now it has returned with a few recent changes to keep things interesting.

In Metal Rain, players can find flare guns scattered on the map. When fired within the safe zone, the flares call down care packages that contain extra weapons and supplies. When the flare fires outside the safe zone, however, an armoured UAZ gets called down instead.

Metal Rain is available only on the game’s first map, Erangel. Players can choose to play in the first or third-person perspective. Similar to other events, Metal Rain features eight-player squads, with a total of 96 players.

PUBG Corp. dubs it an “all-out battle for superior firepower”, and rightfully so. According to the release notes, spawn rules have changed slightly: all flare guns now spawn at random, along with other loot. In the earlier Metal Rain event, flare guns spawned in fixed locations, which gave many enthusiast players a distinct advantage over casual players. The rules have also been changed in regard to the care package parameters. The safe zone now only counts as the white circle. This means that, whether the blue circle has started moving or not, discharging the gun outside of the white zone will result in an armoured UAZ drop.

PUBG Corp. states that the game mode’s user interface (UI) received some much-needed updates. Players now get a visual displaying which drop the flare gun will call. It also displays how many of each drop remains. Players can see this info by jumping into the map screen. Once the gun discharges, a new marker displays on the map. This allows all players to easily find the care package drop point.

Unlike most events, Metal Rain has red zones still active, and regular care packages will still drop in at regular intervals. Killer spectating is also enabled, and friendly fire is disabled. Now you can go ham and spray those bullets at everyone without worrying about killing teammates.

As an added bonus, the dynamic weather is enabled, bringing the greatest aspect of the newest map, Sanhok, to Erangel. This is the first time weather is back on Erangel since static weather states were removed before PUBG’s full PC release.

The event officially kicks off Friday, 20 July 2018, at 6 AM CAT. It runs all weekend, through to Monday morning, 23 July 2018, at 6 AM CAT.

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