The Epic Games Store has been making quite the splash. It launched to a surprisingly timid market, with many gamers going so far as to applaud its brute-force marketing strategy: calling all other platforms for what they are – money grubbers. However, there is no denying that it has been lacking in terms of content, and features. Thankfully, the Epic Games Store roadmap reveals that additions, like cloud storage and achievements, are on the way.

The Epic Games Store Roadmap was announced through a newly made public Trello board. This board acts as a timeline of sorts that showcases all of the short-term and long-term plans that Epic Games has for its new marketplace platform.

Epic Games Store Roadmap - Trello

The most prominent features shown are a handful of additions that shipped as recently as a few weeks ago. These include regional pricing, pre-loading support, a search bar and an offline mode. However, things get really intriguing when you look at what they have planned for the following few months: cloud saves, downloadable content support, and more.

While cloud saves are a must-have for any digital store, I am particularly looking forward to the search function and offline mode. With that said, the post on Trello also outlines a few things that might come within the next four to six months. These include the highly requested wishlist and review features, as well as mod support (a personal favourite), game bundling, an in-game overlay, and more payment methods. The roadmap also lists curated news feeds and “other store improvements”.

Epic Games Store Roadmap - Front Page
Epic Games Store Front-page

In the long term, which counts as being at least six months down the line, Epic talks about achievements, a shopping cart feature for when you want to buy more than one game at a time – I mean, who even does that – and a complete redesign of the social elements. Furthermore, features like automated refunds, gifting, and mobile apps do not have exact dates.

While all of the features mentioned in the Epic Games Store Roadmap have general time frames attached to them, it must be noted that they are, in fact, not set in stone. As such, some of these features may or may not ship within the allotted times – they are all estimates. Nevertheless, it is nice that Epic is considering all of these features. They will only make the Epic Games Store more attractive as time goes on.

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