When Thor is not healing the sick, saving his family from financial ruin or keeping his body in top tip condition, he spends his time saving the galaxy from impending doom by wielding the mighty Mjölnir!

Mjölnir, colloquially known as Thor’s Hammer, is one of the most iconic and magical artefacts in the Marvel universe. Steeped in deep Norse mythology, Mjölnir is both a symbol of heroism and a weapon of unimaginable power. It also makes a fantastic bookend.

Urban Collector, a premium pop culture collectable store, in partnership with Gentle Giant LTD  have created a gorgeous high quality polystone bookend in the shape of Thor’s Mighty Hammer. Each scale replica of the Thor Hammer Bookend is digitally sculpted, hand-painted with care, individually numbered and includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

The Thor Hammer Bookend will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2014 for $98.99 (about R1000), although pre-orders are currently 15% cheaper.

The Thor Hammer Bookend looks like a must have collectors piece and is something I would absolutely like to have in my study (it is the perfect Thorsday gift). Would you be interested in buying this bookend?

Vamers - SUATMM - Keeps Your Books Safe with this Gorgeous Thor Hammer Bookend - Full

Vamers - SUATMM - Keeps Your Books Safe with this Gorgeous Thor Hammer Bookend - Keeping Books Safe

[Source: Urban Collector]

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