Fans have been through The Walking Dead Season 1, through three countless times. Now, with The Walking Dead: The Final Season upon us, Telltale wants fans to go in with their ideal Clementine. The developer has debuted The Walking Dead Story Builder in order to allow for just that.

The Walking Dead Story Builder is an interactive browser-based experience that allows players to relive all the critical decisions from past entries. This is especially perfect for anyone who plans to pick the game up on a platform they have not played the previous titles on, for new players who join The Final Season; or even for returning players who just lost their saves along the way.

Completing the Story Builder will create a brand-new, unique version of Clementine when The Final Season releases on 14 August 2018. This allows players to have a unique Clementine, even when they have only just embarked on their journey. It essentially bypasses a “canon” version that the developers would have to make up. Telltale confirmed that the Story Builder will also be a part of the game, for players who could not get to the browser-based version. Alternatively, players who pre-order The Walking Dead: The Final Season will also receive a copy of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection. The Collection contains all 19 previously released episodes.

With that said, Telltale states that anyone who completes the browser version will receive a “unique downloadable poster” with artwork by comic book artist Dan Panosian and animator Daniel Kanemoto. The poster will reflect all the choices the player made throughout the Story Builder. Telltale states that there are more than 32 variations of the poster and players can collect them all if they are crazy enough to go through the Story Builder multiple times.

These kinds of Story Builders are neat little options for players who could not jump into the fray before the peak of a franchise. Bioware offered a similar experience for Dragon Age: Inquisition, where players had to go through hundreds of possible choices in order to meticulously craft the perfect “history” for the third entry in the Dragon Age franchise. Similarly, Mass Effect 2 and 3 also received similar experiences through interactive story-book adventures that players could buy as downloadable content or access online for a brief period of time.

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