The downfall of Telltale Games is a very sad chapter for fans, and the developers involved. Fortunately, it seems that the studio will have one last hoorah – thanks to a few potential partners. Telltale announced that The Walking Dead: The Final Season might still have a proper end.

The announcement came via Twitter, where Telltale confirmed that fans may see Clementine’s journey come to an end, in a good way. This is particularly good news, not only because finishing something you started is always nice, but also because many players have already paid up-front for the entire promised season – a season which is still on sale on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and PlayStation Store.

The tweet raises hope that the studio might get financial help following mass layoffs that left many employees in the dark and even the game’s lead voice actor unsure of its future. As planned, the tweet reads, “episode 2 will release tomorrow across all platforms”. This is nice and all, but what about every other question we still have? Well, to that end, Telltale merely concluded their statement with the hope that they may have answers soon.

Although the news is encouraging, the circumstances surrounding the company and the ‘final season’ are still worrisome. Given that we know how only 25 people are still working for the company, I cannot fathom how they would make it work, and have it be good at the same time. You cannot hope to ask all wronged employees back, right after you shattered their dreams, can you? Sharing this sentiment is God of War Game Director, Cory Barlog, who tweeted that he would rather have employees paid than see the game release.

Telltale’s tweets did mention talk of episodes three and four releasing in “some form”, which definitely did not help with clarity. Whatever the case may be, as a gamer, I sincerely hope that the result of whatever it is that will come after episode two, will be half as good in quality as what fans have come to expect from Telltale. The thing is, no matter how they approach this, I doubt that fans who already shelled out money for an “entire season”, would be happy if it did not release as an entire season – and that does not even begin to cater to the developers who are now without work.

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