If there is one thing that you would never expect from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 (E3 2018), it is to learn of a title and have it be immediately be available for purchase. Especially if there was no word of that title even existing. Well, that is exactly what happened at the EA Play event when Unravel Two was announced.

In addition to Coldwood Interactive’s yarn puzzle platformer, Unravel, now having a sequel; it was also announced that the new game is now immediately available. Two big surprises in one go.

This time around, the game introduces a second, blue Yarny, to the game. The addition helps the game double down on the complexity of the puzzles that players will face. While Yarny was all about finding yourself, it ended on a very sombre note. Unravel Two, however, sees a brand-new adventure where players can figure out the puzzles all for themselves; using both Yarnies, or work with a co-op partner where each player controls a single Yarny.

That is correct, folks. Unravel Two features extensive cooperative play where one player controls the red yarny, and the other the blue. Players will need to work together to figure out how to overcome obstacles or work alone and use both Yarnies to get to their objective. Coldwood Interactive noted that players can specifically play alone if they are so inclined. During chase scenarios, the Blue Yarny will fuse with the Red, which frees up the controller or keyboard. During puzzle scenarios, players can split the Yarnies so that they can figure out a way to get past.

As mentioned above, Unravel Two is available right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The title is strangely absent from Nintendo Switch, however, which is a pity considering that it would be a perfect fit for the platform.

[Source: YouTube]

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