When it comes to traditional LEGO, there truly are a mountain of possibilities for creation. When it comes to LEGO Automaton, however, those possibilities become almost infinite… and they move. Even more exciting is when an artist finds his or her muse and they then apply their talents to LEGO. This is why I simply had to write about this insanely creepy LEGO Automaton Sugar Skull. Just look at it… those eyes!

The LEGO Automaton Sugar Skull was inspired by the Day of the Dead, and was created by a man called Darryl Friesen. His Facebook page, Baronworks, features a vast collection of LEGO creations.

To me, it really is an amazing piece of “mechanical art”. It has at least 100 working spinning gears and timed switches for the eyes. It also sounds super creepy, which only enhances the creep-factor of the skull.

I really appreciate Friesen’s talent. The last “advanced” LEGO creations I made consisted out of half-built Bionicle and Harry Potter sets. I still remember integrating my Bionicle Axonn and Vezon sets into my Dumbledore’s Office set from The Goblet of Fire. They had good fun together… until I lost a few pieces and had to rip parts from my Bionicle heroes to fix it. Maybe I will, one day, be able to create something like this LEGO Automaton Sugar Skull.

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