Do you have a unique voice? Are you good at accents? Can you impersonate famous people? If so, get your vocal cords ready because South African indie game studio, Robot Wizard, has started a ‘voice artist search’ for their first game, Jengo!

Jengo is a point and click adventure game about (real world gamer) Jeff who finds himself lost in the Pixelverse, a land of forgotten game characters. The universe is falling apart, and it is up to this unlikely hero to save it.

Jengo features some of the prettiest aesthetics that I have ever seen in a game. It gives off Tim Burton and Don’t Starve vibes, but with a lot more polish. Now, the developers are looking for artists in the form of voice artists. Whether you have never done it before, or are a veteran of the art, everyone is welcome to participate in this voice artist search for Jengo.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that from today we are now ready to start planning our voice talent for Episode One”, Robot Wizard said in a statement. Below is a sheet with all of the current characters that need voices, and you can be one of them!


“Well… there’s this fella that’s into games” the blurb on the Robot Wizard website reads, “so into games that he brushes Contra aside without losing a life, knows exactly where the secret passages are and where the loot is stashed without even phoning a hint line”. Any gamer who is old enough to remember the 80s, 90s and even the early 00s will remember hint lines.

“A man from another time…” it continues. “A time before every gamer tried to be a stream celebrity before every gamer could shout on a forum about how they knew better than the guys who made their favourite games in the first place, a time when gaming was about gaming (and sitting glued to the screen during Summer holidays)… This is a story about a gamer lost in modern times. His name is Jeff”. The premise alone is enough to get us excited. Jengo is certainly shaping up to be one of South Africa’s most unique and interesting indie developments.

If you think you have a voice that would suit the world of Jengo, simply fill in the contact form on the Robot Wizard website, and be sure to include a link to your demo reel (a video/audio file that showcases your voice talents).

Furthermore, Robot Wizard also recently released the fourth developer diary video. The video showcases a tiny bit more about Jengo and talks a bit about the voice artist search that the studio has embarked on.

Robot Wizard is a two-man studio with a heck of a lot of heart. Their first game, Jengo, is now in production and requires talented folks to join their ranks as voice over artists.

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