Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7: Access Denied is the latest episode from Telltale Games’ award-winning game and it is now available for download. This is the second to last episode in the Adventure Pass.

If you have been following Telltale and Mojang’s collaboration from the start, you would know that Minecraft:  Story Mode revolves around Jesse and his friends. In Story Mode, players must adventure across the Overworld. Form there, you will go through the Nether, and even go all the way to the End. Together with a new group, Jesse must set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone. Hopefully this order will help them defeat the evil that threatens the Overworld. This is the basic summary of the plot for the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode.

With the Adventure Pass, Jesse’s journey is extended across eight episodes. It seems as if Telltale is releasing the episodes in a “serialised” format, with each episode being unique but a part of a major plot line. As such, Jesse and his friends have set out on a Portal Journey in order to find their way back home. Episode 6 had a very dark and mysterious undertone, whereas Episode 7 now looks to be a lot more fantastical.

In Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7: Access Denied, Jesse and his friends must go on a journey to defeat PAMA. PAMA is a corrupted Artificial Intelligence determined to control everyone and everything. Together with his friends, Jesse must set out to defeat PAMA and bring everything enslaved to freedom.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7: Access Denied is available digitally worldwide right now. It is available on PC and Mac via Steam and the Telltale Online Store; On the Playstation Network for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4; and on the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Additionally, the game can be found on Apple’s iOS Appstore, and on Google Play for compatible Android devices. Telltale has stated that the game will be coming to the Windows Store in the future.

The entire Adventure Pass can be purchased for $15 USD (around R180 ZAR), and includes Episodes 6, 7 and 8. Moreover, you can purchase each episode individually for $5 USD (~R80 ZAR). Players need to own at least Episode 1 of the original Minecraft: Story Mode series in order to play the Adventure Pass episodes.

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