When it comes to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there are a million unresolved questions that need answering. Now, thanks to the guys and girls over at Warner Bros., we get one of those questions answered in quite a fun fashion.

A new piece of downloadable content for the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been announced. Poe’s Quest For Survival is a mission pack that will show fans of the LEGO games exactly how Poe survived the crash and made his way back to the Resistance Base on J’Qar.

In the film, Finn enlists the help of resistance pilot Poe Dameron in order to escape the First Order Star Destroyer. Upon their introductions and the incredible start of their friendship, they get shot down while trying to escape the clutches of the First Order. The movie shows Finn startling to a wake, with no Poe Dameron to be found. Only later do we see that Poe had made it off of the planet alive and intact.

Poe’s Quest for Survival will give players the rundown on how he survived and escaped Jakku. He will meet and befriend a scavenger named Naka Iit, who will take him to a merchant named Ohn Gos. Together the three of them will help Poe get off the desolate, sandy, rock. The only problem is that in their travels, they run into a bad bunch called the Strus Clan. Dameron, being the handsome hero that he is, stays behind to fend off the Strus Clan before they can take control of a village.

Poe’s Quest for Survival will include Naka Iit, Ohn Gos, Poe Dameron (Jakku), Strus Clan Leader & Leader playable characters. Additionally, the full-sized Strus Clan Speeder, and Microfighter Strus Clan Speeder will also unlock via the mission pack.

The DLC is available for all platforms that support LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That is, to say the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U. There is also mobile versions of the DLC for the Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. Season Pass owners will get it for free while others will have to fork out $3 USD (~R50 ZAR) for it.

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