In September, Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles on the 18th of November 2014, with a release on PC scheduled for the 27th of January 2015.

Soon Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to hit the streets of Los Santos in a ‘remastered’ edition of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, which promises to have a series of enhancements and graphical improvements that will take advantage of the more powerful hardware in the latest generation of home consoles.


Rockstar has confirmed that the remastered edition will also include new wildlife, new weapons, vehicles and activities, upgraded weather and damage systems, longer draw distances, a higher resolution, and all of the downloadable content (DLC) that has been released. One of the biggest surprises, however, is the addition of a full-on ‘First Person Mode’, which is exclusive to the remastered edition of the game.

The new addition of a ‘First Person’ viewpoint is a first for the series and is one that many people have wished for since Grand Theft Auto evolved from its two dimensional origins. Judging from the video at the top of this post, it looks like it is going to be an incredible amount of fun to experience the game from another perspective.

Will you be picking up this remastered edition of Grand Theft Auto V?

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