We Happy Few is days away from release! With that in mind, developer Compulsion Games has revealed that plans for post-launch content have been finalised. In essence, a We Happy Few season pass and free downloadable content (DLC) are coming to the game.

The drug-fueled dystopia of the game will get three major story DLC packs, all of which are part of the We Happy Few season pass. The first is Roger & James in: They Came From Below! It focusses on “precocious Roger and Impetuous James”, who set off in search of adventure and love. In their search, they “uncover bizarre technology and a terrifying new threat. However, all is not as it seems… Or is it exactly as it seems”? Ominous!

The second DLC to release is called Lightbearer. It follows “heartthrob, artist, and personal trainwreck, Nick Lightbearer”, who is alleged “Wellington Wells’ most celebrated rock star”. Lightbearer will be subjected to torture by the “surprisingly charismatic but just as enigmatic villain, Uncle Jack”. Sounds intriguing.

The third and final DLC included in the We Happy Few season pass is We All Fall Down. This time around, the DLC looks to unravel the flaws of Wellington Wells’ society. “Much like any well-worn happy mask, all societies develop cracks in their veneer”, reads the description. “But that doesn’t mean you should go digging up dirt from the past. Right? *pops a Joy pill* Right!”.

While the We Happy Few season pass definitely seems to have a lot going for it, Compulsion Games promised to shower fans with free content as well. The studio states that We Happy Few will get free downloadable content post-launch that will expand the world of the game. One of the first major free updates to the game includes a Sandbox Mode. This will allow players to customise the world to their liking – players can tweak everything from world size, danger, and resource availability. Compulsion states that Sandbox Mode brings back the “early days of We Happy Few” and takes players back to the “systemic, sandbox world” – something that the very first backers and players experienced during the early access period.

We Happy Few is launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on 10 August 2018,. However, release dates for both the season pass content and the free updates have not been revealed. Additionally, Compulsion also states that players who bought the Deluxe Edition will get free access to the season pass. Similarly, all original backers who pledged more than $25 USD will also receive the season pass for free.

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